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Brings utmost efficiency to your management work.


Which is used for the staff management

It is easy for management office to manage all activities of the staffs such as working plan,

working time as well as reports.


Smart timekeeping

One-tap timekeeping

Forget the waiting line in front of the timekeeping machine every busy morning. With UrbanOS, staff can now clock in and out quickly and conveniently right on their smartphones.

Location-based timekeeping

Staff can only clock in or clock out at designated area according to the GPS or Wifi

UrbanOS will replace the traditional timekeeping methods with a location-based timekeeping method. Several staff members can clock in or clock out at the same time. The app also includes clear detailed report and statistics on timekeeping


Synchronize and share work schedule

Linked work status and schedule Plan and assign tasks for multiple staff members according to provided form Assigned task is updated and informed to the assigned staff immediately Data is synchronized with the management office

Work schedule and tasks is sent to leaders and staff members instantly, which makes work collaboration smoother


Automatically make statistics

Working hours is automatically calculated based on working time, clock in and clock out time.

Staff can submit their leave form and check the status online. Moreover, staff can keep watch on their working hours, late-for-work time and overtime hours through the statistical charts on the app.


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