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A total solution for your apartment

A website

To keep track of all information related to the apartment, receive and resolve
all requests sent by residents.

The platform also enables the management team

to monitor work progress and improve services quality using resident feedback.

Add more value to

The management system increase
more convenience so that more
values are added to the apartment

Boost satisfaction of

Raise standard of apartment lifestyle
with modern services

User-friendly operation

Double accuracy and processing
speed by overseeing employees’

Linked systems

Easily check on resident
information, bills, facility bookings
and other types of information

Cost saving

Save management expenses by
simplifying the management process
and efficient collaboration method

Flexibility in operation

Operation management based on
situations and characteristics of each

Auto-manage residents

Store valuable information of residents on a stable and secure Cloud server

Facing difficulties in handling and storing paper documents of residents?

UrbanOS uploads all documents on highly safe servers to store and process online.

The management team can supervise the movement of every person through the moving function


Government-approved online
election for Board of Committee

Simplify all election steps from choosing applicants to checking votes that makes the voting process and checking easier

Do you feel it is time-consuming to check every piece of paper for votes?

UrbanOS presents the online voting function that has complied with the Vietnam Law and Regulations on Management and Use of Apartment buildings. With this function, residents can be notified and vote with an app developed by UrbanOS. The management team only need to monitor the voting process on the system.


Manage visitors

Monitor visit frequencies of every visitor through visitor registration before visitation

Feeling annoyed when you have to fill in information of every visitor?

Administrators will have more room to breath from now on because visitor information is sent to the system by tenants. Admin only need to go online and monitor.


Send notifications and
announcements to individuals or groups

Administrators can communicate news to residents lightning fast with the timer function as well as manage sent announcements more effectively.

Have you ever feel posting announcements on the announcement board or sending mails to residents are not effective?

UrbanOS offers Announcement function with simplified steps. Admins only need to compose the announcement, select target audience and press the publish button. Residents can receive and view announcement through the mobile app anytime anywhere.


Communication with business

Overview of every department status and schedule

Work productivity is sharply improved because staff can easily check on assigned tasks and update the task process with just one tap. Administrator can quickly keep track on timekeeping activities and leave days of staff members on the dashboard

  • Easily integrate staff from business partners into the system
  • Location-based timekeeping through GPS
  • Greatly reduce redundant process and steps in management process
  • Supervise the status of every department

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