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On a journey to make apartment lifestyle more comfortable

A mobile platform

That allows residents to receive notifications
from the management team such as monthly bills, elections, events, etc.

The mobile application offers a quick and

trouble-free method to file damage claims and get updates on the progress.


User-friendly notification system

Residents can update on apartment announcements instantly

Physical paper announcements on the announcement boards or elevators can be easily destroyed or ignored. Residents not only able to check housing-related announcements but also votings, elections, bills, and feedback from other residents anytime anywhere on the mobile app.


Live chat - optimized communication

Residents can contact the management office anytime problem occurs.

Residents will swiftly receive answer and solution to any inquiry related to apartment without coming down to the management office or send a complaint letter to the feedback box. The app provides solutions to any query from residents quickly and conveniently.


Touch to check and pay bills

Residents can freely gain access, check and pay bills with common online payment methods.

Residents do not need to wait for bills to come to their doors anymore. Residents can gain access to bill information as well as comparing consumption rate among months with just a touch of fingertip.


Efficiently use public facilities

Book facilities without directly coming to the management office.

Through UrbanOS mobile app for tenants, information on every public facility at an apartment is available for its residents to see. Residents can easily plan and book according to their preference.


Home-service for residents

Assist residents with daily household tasks so that they can utilize their valuable time for other activities and jobs.

Not only residents can request help with chores but also other tasks related to the apartment. Tasks that require professionals or simple tasks all can be done with just one tap.


Vehicle registration at anytime anywhere

With UrbanOS, residents can forget about long waiting time and complicated process for their vehicles to be registered.

Head tenant can register vehicles for all unit members without keeping watch on the management office working hours. Registration and processing time is greatly reduced.


Visitors can be at ease with visitor registration

By register visitor information on the mobile app, visitors only need to show up around designated time.

No more trips to the receptionist or management office to register visitor information. Visitors only need to show up on time and verify themselves with the security. Residents also can reuse information of registered visitor without the need to re-register.


Essential contacts in your hand

Essential phone numbers of different departments, government officials and shops are provided

Residents can get to know their surroundings through the list of provided locations in the list. Residents are one tap away from contacting the management office without the need to memorize the phone number. Phone numbers of local shops, government authorities, community center are provided for residents to contact at anytime they want.


Exercise voting rights

Orderly voting process, self-nominate, grant voting authorization easily.

With the in-app voting function provided by UrbanOS, voters do not need to be physically available to cast their vote. Voters will be informed about candidate information by push notifications. The whole process is transparent for the whole apartment community to check. This function not only save time but also election costs.


Greatly reduce moving time

Residents can move in and move out faster without going through the verification papers from owners and management staff.

Owners and security guards do not need to go through every item when a resident move in or move out anymore. Residents inform the moving date to the owner through the app, the security team will also be informed about the resident moving request. Then, residents can check their moving request status right on the app.


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